中屋 辰平 三途\三〇

2018年7月7日(土)― 7月16日(月)

中屋 辰平

三途 / 三〇

2018年7月7日(土)― 7月16日(月)

Opening Reception : 7月7日(土) 19:00-21:00





『Sanzu/30』created by Shimpei Nakaya is the first project of『2Y』

『Sanzu/30』is an exhibition of art works that composed reminiscent of Simpei Nakaya’s experience which he has gained through his life, and planar construction which was accidentally made by error of PC graphic tools.
On art works, he directs multilayered spaces which controls by his own rules.

The reminiscent and the planar construction gave him a chance to create new art works and do this exhibition, he said.
Because above two themes are fragmentary and momentary, you may find that they are relating to ordinary themes, “beauty” and “death”.

Art works of 『Sanzu/30』, which came from the outside of his daily work may give you an opportunity to catch a glimpse of Shimpei Nakaya’s true face.

中屋 辰平 / Shinpei Nakaya
Graphic Designer / Art Director
1988年東京都足立区生まれ。 武蔵野美術大学視覚伝達デザイン学科卒業後、 ハンサム株式会社(デザイン事務所)を経て独立。 紙やWEBなど媒体問わずビジュアル制作の 企画・デザインに携わる。